Sunday, February 17, 2013

The Latest GateKeeper Photos from Cedar Point

Even with a depressing gray sky behind it, Cedar Point's GateKeeper still looks great - and with this past week's construction we can now see just how the coaster has forever changed the entrance to the park. 

When you're entering the park, looking up with grant you this view.  Just think of how much better it will be with a gigantic B&M wing coaster train flying across?

The park got an elevated view for this photo, showing off the keyhole passes from a level far above the ground below.  Another item completed this week is the Inclined Dive Loop, seen in the background of this shot.

The Inclined Dive Loop serves to quickly turn the train around and point it back toward the park's entrance gate where a stretch of track leads to the in-line roll.

The in-line roll, which was the last element completed before the weekend, meanders over the entrance gates, again framing the keyhole elements above it.

The trains will have a wonderfully close encounter with the base of the second entrance tower at the start of the in-line roll as the track inverts clockwise. 

GateKeeper only has the mid-course brake run, helix, and a bit of track before the brakes before it is complete!  At the rate the park is going that could be in a week or so, depending on weather of course. 

All photos © Cedar Point