Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Exciting Expansions in Waldameer's Future

We just reported on Waldameer Amusement Park's 2013 expansion plans recently, but now we have even more exciting news to cover about the future of the Erie, PA park.

A local news story has detailed the park's plan to spend $20 million expanding over the next ten years, something they will be able to do due to the purchase of more than seven acres of land surrounding the current property.

Waldameer has been a bit blocked in their desire to grow by the need to conserve all current parking areas.  But now all that has changed.  Here's a map to help see what they've gained:

First, the red section is a large area that the park has purchased.  It consists of The Inn at Presque Isle, which the park will operate for now, a small trailer park which sounds like it will eventually go, and some cabins that will immediately go.

The larger red area with green lines is slated for possible purchase in the future by the park.

The orientation of the new land is great, it would allow the park to push the parking lots outward and expand the park proper into the current parking area.

An item that the park has already outlined their desire to build is in blue, and that's a wave pool.  I know the park has wanted one for ages, but the space was the issue.  I totally guessed at the orientation, but from the article it sounds like it'll go in the general area I placed it.  A children's water play are will also be added there.

The yellow square is property the park already owns, which is down a steep hill and is lakefront property, and will use an inclined railway to connect to the park proper.  The area will include "among other attractions, the incline railway, another water ride, a family ride, a restaurant and a picnic area."  Swimming probably won't be included in the area, but it is going to be quite beautiful, no doubt!

Though it has been a few years since I visited Waldameer, it was a great traditional park.  I can only imagine what other rides and attractions the owners will add as time goes by.  Exciting news!