Wednesday, July 25, 2012

A Tale of Two Head Coaches, Baltimore, and Superman Ultimate Flight

Head Coach of the San Francisco 49ers, Jim Harbaugh has had a bit of a rivalry going on with the city of Baltimore, Maryland, for some time now. See, his brother, John Harbaugh, is the Head Coach of the Baltimore Ravens, and last Thanksgiving the two teams faced off before a record-breaking television audience - in the end the Ravens won.

© Premier Rides
Fast forward to earlier this Summer, when Six Flags Discovery Kingdom was having their opening events for their new coaster, Superman Ultimate Flight.   In attendance was Jim Harbaugh, and it turns out that Premier Rides has given him another reason to fear Baltimore - their rides!

Jim Harbaugh (center) with Premier Rides engineers
Premier Rides is based out of Baltimore, and is also responsible for Superman Ultimate Flight.  The custom designed magnetic launch coaster is "designed to be one of the park's most thrilling and visually stunning attractions." It features the tallest inversion West of the Mississippi at 150 feet, and reaches a top speed of 62 miles per hour.

On the inaugural launch of the new coaster, Jim Harbaugh joined Six Flags Discovery Kingdom's President Dale Kaetzel for a ride.  When the ride was over, Jim compared the coaster to a ride in one of the Blue Angels F-18 fighter jets, saying "it's not for the faint of heart; there's no doubt about that."

As a special treat, Premier Rides has shared a video of Jim and Dale on the first ride:
 Congratulation to both Premier Rides and Six Flags Discovery Kingdom on the successful launch of an amazing new ride!