Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hawaiian Falls: The Colony Opens Whirlwind 360

© Hawaiian Falls

The 2012 Summer season marks a year in which the Hawaiian Falls chain of water parks (located in Texas) has seen unprecedented expansion.  All the parks have received a selection of new slides and rides, some of which are quite interesting.

Case in point, the Whirlwind 360 that recently opened at Hawaiian Falls: The Colony. The ride was created by Splashtacular and starts with guests climbing to the top of a 60 foot tall tower.  From there two riders at a time enter a launch capsule and hear a count down begin.

© Hawaiian Falls

In seconds the floor drops out from below riders, sending them down the pair of twisting chutes seen above.  At the end of the drop the riders fly around the bowl structure at the bottom, quickly coming to a stop in a center splash pool.

At first I was curious about how two riders would plummet at the same time - safely, that is - but after checking out this video I understand a little better.  The riders slow quickly, and enter at opposite ends of the bowl, keeping clearance between each other.

Looks like a great attraction, and quite eye catching to say the least with its imposing tower structure.  Perhaps we shall see more of these pop up?