Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Meet The American Dream

New Jersey's mostly built, but also mostly stagnant mega-mall project - formerly called Xanadu - will be opened as The American Dream at Meadowlands in 2013, according to developers.  The mall is located just across from Manhattan on what has been described as the most valuable real estate in New Jersey, and adjacent to the Meadowlands Stadium.

But this isn't a retail blog, is it?  The reason we care about the American Dream (I'm still working on loving that name) is that Canadian developers Triple Five are behind the project now.  You might have hear of two of their projects, the Mall of America and West Edmonton Mall - both of which contain amusement parks, and West Edmonton has a water park, too.

Naturally, they've added a park to plans for American Dream:

Now that's just concept art, but it looks nice with the NYC skyline behind it, right?  It also looks a lot like Nick Universe at MoA, but that's concept art for you.  The mall will contain plenty of other entertainment like the already built indoor ski slope, an indoor water park, movie theatre, ice rink, huge Ferris wheel and more.

Here's the catch, though.  The mall is scheduled to open in 2013, but the indoor amusement park and water park would open in 2014.  One article I read said that the mall doesn't even own the land for the parks just yet.  So I have to wonder if they could get axed if things don't take off as planned.  Regardless, it's a project to keep an eye on.