Saturday, March 6, 2010

Weekly Rewind 3.6.10

Kennywood has decided to start selling season passes, after many years of not offering them. They allow unlimited entry to the park during the normal season, Phantom Fright Nights are not included. The park plans to only sell a limited amount. More info available here.

It appears as though Nickelodeon Universe is naming their new ride Brain Surge - and progress is moving along swiftly as seen in these photos. The park hasn't really announced the ride, but it's going to be the first Chance Rides Unicoaster attraction.

Hershey Park's March Sweetness promotion is in full effect, and Sabrina is loving every minute of the character filled fun. And you should too! The park is giving away some great prizes, and has some seriously discounted park admission tickets available as well. Check out the sweetness here.

Gwazi with Millennium Flyer trains? Could it be true? I can't confirm for sure, but BGT Guide most certainly has some photos of a MF train on Gwazi's tracks! One of the few Great Coasters International rides not currently running Millennium Flyers, most agree Gwazi could benefit greatly from them.

While we reported on this some time back, Noah's Ark Waterpark has released the full details to the media for their new Scorpion's Tail aqua loop slide. The park says their attraction is the largest of it's kind, and the first in North America. The slide stands 10 stories tall and riders can hi 40 m.p.h. on their way down.

Central Amusement International will be officially taking over the land that will become Luna Park from the city of New York this Monday. In this report the head of CAI talks about their plans to immediately start ripping up the asphalt on site and being laying new foundations. Rides should arrive mid April and they will work to have the park ready for May 29th.

I'm sooo staying out of the wood vs. steel debate raging on over the Texas Giant, but I sure am interested in the project anyway. After more details were announced Rocky Mountain Construction is now offering a closer look at their new track design on their website.

The city of Green Bay officially purchased the rights to the Zippin Pippin roller coaster this week. They hope to have the first riders on the new coaster in about 15 months. They paid about $10,000 for the design and rights to the ride, and will spend between $2.5 and $3 million to build the ride from scratch. Now the big question, what coaster company will be hired to build it?