Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Great Adventure's Dark Knight

The New York Post featured the above image in an article about Six Flags Great Adventure's new Dark Knight roller coaster for 2008. That's the first concept art of any sort that I've seen and it almost looks like it could have been done by Virtual Image Productions.

They're the ones that do awesome concept art and videos for new rides - they're by far the best at what they do. Let's hope it was, and that there's more to come from them when Six Flags releases it.


Unknown said...

Hi I was at the Great Adventures Park in New Jersey , this wednesday August 20th with 4 other friends and family members from out of the country. We were on the new Dark Night line from 8:20 PM to 10PM when there were 7 people to our time and the ride broke, 15 minutes later they informed us they couldn't fix it. I you don't earn enough to afford paying for the flash ticket but I think that I should be able to ride more than 3 rides in 10 hours in a Park that the tickets cost, was very mad. Isn' this a new ride????