Friday, November 16, 2007

IAAPA Coverage

I wish that I was able to jet down to Florida to provide coverage of my own, alas, no cash for that. Instead, I'd like to at least provide some links I've come across that have good coverage going on.

Coastercrew has a ton of photos as well as podcasts from the show. There's lot of high quality photos of things like California's Great America's new wooden coaster, X's new trains, the model of the Huss Kong ride, and tons more - but you'll have to sift through the gallery to find those gems.

Screamscape is also visiting the event, and reporting their photos and findings as well. They're set up is more straight forward with descriptions of what they've uncovered.

The Sun News has a blog going, titled A Whole New Whirled, that's covering the event as well - and they do have a focus on items related to the new Hard Rock Park.