Saturday, March 24, 2007

Dorney Park 2007 Season Update #7

Still not a ton going on, but a few little things. Here goes.

Still standing. If they keep tearing out parts of it before you know it the thing will fall over on its own!

Nothing to see here. I'm thinking more and more that any changes that were planned for this area have been pushed off due to something else impacting the area. (see Idle Hands post)

They're still doing footings and moving dirt and stuff for Aqua Racer.

A better view of the area. Still nothing earth shattering though.

Last view of the area. They were working when I took these photos, which is a Saturday.

On another note, Water Works is getting a paint job. This is great news, since it has needed it badly for years now. Plus with more attention to the area with the new slides this will probably be an even busier area come summer.

That's all for now!