Saturday, October 20, 2018

Kings Island Offers a Closer Look at 2019's Kings Mills Antique Autos

Fans of Kings Island are eagerly awaiting the return of one of the park's most beloved attractions, arriving in 2019 as the Kings Mills Antique Autos.  Previously we only knew that the attraction would be residing within the Coney Mall themed area, but the park recently offered a much more detailed look at the family ride.

© Kings Island
You'll have to click this image for a larger view, but the park shared the actual plans for the ride, leaving no detail hidden.  As expected the ride's station will be located along the midway, where two planters and a game stand previously were.  The ride's layout will move past a brand new gas station area, over a covered bridge, around a decent sized pond and past several billboards.  Of course, the area will be filled in with new landscaping as well.

© Kings Island
The plans have allowed us to get a final idea of the part of the park that has been cleared out for the Kings Mills Antique Autos.  The entire area in the teal box above has been totally razed in order to make room for the ride.  It's a great use of some space that had plenty of open spots previously.

Visitors to Kings Island have had plenty of opportunities to check out the space that will become home to the Antique Autos.  As the park shared in the above video, the work to clear out the space seemed to take no time at all.  Now the park has a big open area to start to build in, which is when the fun begins!

If you want to see some demolition photos along with a link to the full packet of plans for the Kings Mills Antique Autos, follow this link over to KI Central.

Also, things will be quiet for a few days around here as we head off on a short Fall break.  See you soon!

Thursday, October 18, 2018

Canada's Wonderland Completes Yukon Striker's 245 Foot First Drop

© Canada's Wonderland
Today marked an exciting moment in the construction of Canada's Wonderland's new vertical dive roller coaster, Yukon Striker.  The park installed the final pieces of the ride's first drop, which stretches 245 feet tall and ends with an underwater tunnel.

© Canada's Wonderland
The construction of the highest portion of B&M dive coasters are always a bit complicated, requiring several cranes to get the job done.  The rides are designed with minimal supports for both aesthetic and cost reasons, but that makes putting them together a bit tricky.

First the park secured most of the first drop pieces with cables to keep it steady, then the ride's tallest vertical support went in.

© Canada's Wonderland
With those items safely in place, another crane hoisted the very top of the drop, which also holds the brakes that keep the trains dangling over the edge.  These neat photos that the park shared show that piece being carefully attached to the support and drop.

I would imagine that tomorrow the park will add the final pieces of the lift hill, along with the rest of the track that turns 90 degree to the right before the big plunge.  Then the lift and first drop sections will be finished!

For more on Canada's Wonderland's new Yukon Striker dive coaster, check out the park's official website.

Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Carowinds Announces the Return of a Fan-Favorite Ride in 2019 + Copperhead Strike Grows

© Carowinds
As if a brand new roller coaster, Copperhead Strike, a new themed area with a renovated restaurant and new hotel wasn't enough, Carowinds has gone ahead and also announced the return of a classic ride for their 2019 season.  Now known as Mountain Gliders, the park's set of Flying Scooters will join Copperhead Strike in the new Blue Ridge Junction area.

After operating at the park for many years, the ride was removed to make way for 2018's Camp Snoopy transformation, and did not operate at the park this year.

© Carowinds
When the attraction reopens as Mountain Gliders in 2019, it will have a brand new look (seen above in concept art) which matches its new themed home.  Many fans of the ride have expected the park to make this announcement at some point, considering the ride foundation has been visible on the Copperhead Strike webcam for some time now.  Flying Scooter rides allow visitors to ride in individual cars that have controls that let them swing high in the sky, with a little practice, of course.  The family-friendly ride has long be a favorite of Carowinds visitors.

© Carowinds
As part of sharing the good news about the debut of Mountain Gliders, Carowinds had some media out to the park today to see the latest Copperhead Strike construction as well.  Above is one of the photos that the theme park shared today, showing the view looking straight down the initial launch.  The first vertical loop is currently being built, with several pieces already in place - plus a whole mess of supports are standing for different sections of the coaster as well.

For more photos of Copperhead Strike, the park's new dorms and hotel, check out this article from Coaster 101.

Monday, October 15, 2018

Legoland Florida Reveals Full Details of New Lego Movie World Themed Expansion

© Legoland Florida
Legoland Florida has announced all the details of their new themed land, the Lego Movie World, which is slated to open this spring at the Florida theme park.

Set in the streets of Bricksburg, the new area will feature the sights and sounds of the town made famous in The Lego Movie, and also the upcoming The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part.  Legoland Florida had previously announced the expansion, but how is giving all the details of what will greet visitors once it opens.

The concept art up top shows the entire new area.  The large building in the middle of the area is a brand new attraction, called The Lego Movie: Masters of Flight.  Riders will sit on Emmet's flying triple-decker couch on this new flying theater ride.  Guest will be treated to an "action-packed adventure on a suspended ride with a full-dome virtual screen, giving the sensational feeling of flying alongside some familiar and some new faces."

© Legoland Florida
The theme park has totally renovated their splash battle attraction and announced that it will now be known as The Battle of Bricksburg.  Duplo aliens have invaded Bricksburg and passengers are invited to stop the alien invasion by blasting targets with water while on the adventure.

© Legoland Florida
Another new attraction is Unikitty's Disco Drop, pictured above.  The ride will take passengers up to the top only to drop then bounce them back toward the ground.  The ride gives a hint of thrills but is still meant for the entire family.

The rest of the Lego Movie World will contain a meet and greet area at Emmet's Super Suite inside his apartment, where Emmet and all his friends will be available.  Empty stomachs can be filled at the Taco Tuesday Everyday eatery, and unique souvenirs will be found in the Awesome Shop.  There will also be a space themed playground area based off of Benny's spaceship.

Sunday, October 14, 2018

Terror Returns to Six Flags Great Adventure with Fright Fest 2018

© Six Flags
Fright Fest has once again returned to Six Flags Great Adventure, bigger and better than ever before.  The annual scare-fest features a lineup of frightening attractions, pulse-pounding scare zones, live entertainment, and plenty more.  In total Six Flags Great Adventure offers more than 25 special attractions during the Halloween season.

This year the event takes place each Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October, along with bonus days of the 30th and 31st.

© Six Flags
The spooks are out at night, that's for sure, but during the day the park is decked out for families with scare-free entertainment as well.  Kids will love trick-or-treating with the Looney Tunes characters, and shows such as Professor Slithers' Creepy Critters and the Spooky Kooky Magic Show are designed for the whole family.

Once the sun starts to set the park kicks Fright Fest into high gear as the monsters and ghouls start to roam the park.

This year there are three new haunted attractions, each sounding a bit more scary than the last.

© Six Flags
Reflects of the Dead is a new maze where visitors "come face-to-face with themselves as they desperately try to escape this modern-day mirror maze holding spirits from beyond the grave. This labyrinth of mystery and mayhem includes glowing LED lights, vanishing images, and confusion around every corner."

© Six Flags
Another attraction making its debut this year for Six Flags Great Adventure's Fright Fest is named Fears.  As one would imagine from the name, the maze it all about visitors having to face their darkest fears inside, such as "creepy, crawly spiders to cramped spaces, from popping balloons to squirting blood."  The park is at their most devious with Fears, wondering if visitors can "fight their fears and make it to the end without crumbling?"

© Six Flags
The park's third new haunted attraction is a major tie-in to the Hell Fest movie, currently in theaters.  The maze depicts scenes straight from the movie, including the Mausoleum, with increasingly narrow corridors that force guests to feel the touch of death, The Mask Room, filled with floating white faces that suddenly spring to life, the Doll Room, with creepy dolls straight out of a nightmare, and The Torture Chamber, which sounds as gruesome as the name would imply.  Visitors must pass these rooms, and more, in order to escape "The Other," the movie's crazy bad-guy.

© Six Flags
Also new this year is a live show titled Blood Drums.  The performance features "driving techno beats and live drums that mix with rhythmic power tools and fire artistry to create a unique, pulse-pounding percussion show."

© Six Flags
The 2018 season is also the 20th season of Dead Man's Party, which is the park's premier live show during Fright Fest.  Hosted by Dr. Fright, the "rock concert-meets-Broadway-style live show" draws a large crowd each performance.  This year it will "feature new music, eye-popping special effects including lasers and pyrotechnics, a dynamic cast and all-new choreography by renowned dancer/choreographer Theresa Stone."

The new additions join returning favorites such as Aftermath, The Manor, Wicked Woods, Cell Block 6, Big Top Terror in 3D and scare zones like Demon District, The Bloody Fountain and more.  Plus, more live shows and the theme park's towering thrill rides are sure to give their own frights.

To learn more about Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure, click here.

Saturday, October 13, 2018

Lakemont Park to Reopen Two Classic Roller Coasters in 2019

© Lakemont Park
Pennsylvania's Lakemont Park, which has sat closed for two summer seasons now, is planning on reopening in 2019 - but not in the exact same form as when it closed.

The park is aiming to be more of a community center with an open campus that can host many events, family reunions, summer camps, and sports games on new basketball and volleyball courts.  So definitely not a traditional amusement park, but some of the most important rides will remain.

Leap The Dips, which was known as the world's oldest operating roller coaster, will still be at the park, along with Skyliner, a wooden coaster from Philadelphia Toboggan Coasters built in 1987.  As a bonus, the park will also be keeping their children's coaster, the Little Leaper, an Allan Herschell ride.  The coasters, along with other attractions, will operate on an individual ticket basis.

As the map featured up top reveals, the park will reopen with several new attractions such as a a full sized miniature golf course, a children's mini-golf course, new water play area next to the pool and slides, go-karts, a walking trail, train ride, basketball and volleyball courts and a couple kiddie rides.

Before the park opens next year, it will host its annual Holiday Lights on the Lake celebration this winter.

The existing Lakemont Park © Google Maps