Sunday, November 29, 2020

Circus Circus Adventuredome Opens New NebulaZ Flat Ride

© Zamperla
The Adventuredome theme park at Circus Circus, in Las Vegas, has opened a new flat ride named NebulaZ.  The creation is from Zamperla, which calls the ride the same name (the photo up top is of the ride at Luna Park in Coney Island, but is the same as what has opened in Las Vegas).  The ride type is fairly new, and I wouldn't be surprised to see more of these pop up at parks in the future.

Zamperla describes the ride as one where "four arms rotate in fast intermeshing orbits" which is a very accurate description.  The arms swing around on a horizontal axis, seemingly coming close to colliding with one another, as the entire bases rotates around itself.  The effect is mesmerizing for both those on the ride and those watching from the midway below.

Zamperla is well known for their ability to theme rides as well, making an attraction like this fit in so many different parks.  Here's a video of the NubulaZ at Adventuredome in action:

Saturday, November 28, 2020

Luna Park Sydney Adding 9 Rides in 2021 Including First Intamin Hot Racer

© Luna Park Sydney
Luna Park in Sydney, Australia, has announced a massive addition for their summer 2021 season, including 9 new rides - one of which will be the first Intamin Hot Racer roller coaster.  The addition will cost $30 million and bring the park's roster of attractions into the 21st century with modern, thrilling rides.  The addition is seen as coming as the perfect time as the hope is that the world will be in recovery from the pandemic for Sydney's summer 2021, which starts around late Fall in North America.

The Managing Director of Luna Park Sydney, Peter Hearne, said: “We are investing over  $30  million  to  upgrade  park  facilities,  introduce  nine  new,  state-of-the-art  rides  and update some of our other attractions, while ensuring we retain the heritage and history of this much-loved Sydney destination. We  are  excited  to  announce  the  introduction  of  nine  new  permanent  rides  that  will  thrill and excite all  age  levels, including six new children’s rides;  a family coaster; a thrill  ride;  and  a  new  Big  Dipper,  which  will  be  the  first  inline  seating  launch  roller  coaster in the world."

© Luna Park Sydney
The Intamin Hot Racer coaster, called Big Dipper, will not only be the first of Intamin's single rail coasters, but also the first of its genre to feature a launch.  We just saw Intamin debut the model online recently, and they have more information on their site about it as well.

At Luna Park the coaster will start with a small launch out of the station at 31 miler per hour to get things going, followed by a Stengel Dive turn.  Soon after there is another launch to 45 miles per hour that will send the single seater, in-line trains up into a non-inverting loop followed by a sidewinder inversion.  Other elements on the coaster include airtime hills, high speed downward s-curves, a wave turn and a flatspin inversion.

For a small space, the Big Dipper will certainly pack a punch.  Check out the below video for much more on the ride:

Wednesday, November 25, 2020

Indiana Beach to Add New Flat Ride + Classic Schwarzkopf Coaster in 2021

© Indiana Beach
Indiana Beach has announced some major plans for their 2021 season, including adding a new flat ride and a famous triple looping Schwarzkopf roller coaster to their lineup.  The classic amusement park reopened this year after being saved from permanent closure, much to the joy of its fans.  Now it will be bigger and better than ever in 2021.

The new flat ride is named the Polyp, a famous creation that features five arms with four cars at the end of each.  The ride spins and undulates giving a variety of sensations for riders.  The ride was originally operated at Kiddieland Park in Illinois, and is already on site at Indiana Beach and receiving a full restoration.

The huge news is that the park will be adding one of Anton Schwarzkopf's classic triple looping roller coasters to its roster of thrills.  While the park did not include it in the official announcement, it has been confirmed that the coaster most recently operated as Quimera at La Feria Chapultepec Magico in Mexico.  Originally a traveling coaster for the European fair circuit, it also previously was operated in Malaysia and the United Kingdom.  If not familiar with the ride, here is an on ride video from Coasterforce:

The coaster stands 111 feet tall, features 3,444 feet of track and has a top speed of 53 miles per hour.  As with many of Anton's creations, the coaster is known for its high forces and quick speeds as the trains travel through three vertical loops.

The ride does have some unfortunate history attached to it, as there was a serious accident on the ride while in Mexico in 2019.  Indiana Beach has assured fans that the coaster will be fully refurbished and brought up to current operating and safety standards.  I wouldn't be surprised if the park spends far more on improvements to the coaster than its actual purchase price.

The park promises to reveal the official name for the coaster, along with more photos and updates, throughout the winter.  The 2021 season, which is the park's 95th, is shaping up to be quite a memorable one!

Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Six Flags Great Adventure to Hold a Special Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience

© Six Flags Great Adventure
Six Flags Great Adventure is doubling down on their holiday magic this year, offering guests not only Holiday in the Park on weekends but now also the Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience on select weekday evenings from November 30th through December 17th.

Designed to allow visitors to celebrate the park's festive atmosphere from the safety of their own vehicle, the Drive-Thru Experience will still show off the park's million plus lights, decorations and holiday fun.  The journey will be paired with holiday music and live entertainment along the way.

© Six Flags Great Adventure
“We are proud to debut another way for our guests to safely celebrate the holidays with this unprecedented, magical event,” said Six Flags Great Adventure President John Winkler. “We have successfully transformed the traditional weekend operation of our beloved Holiday in the Park into a new, drive-thru experience during the week. The popularity of our Wild Safari Drive-Thru Adventure showed us that families are craving ways to create special memories together that are safe and socially distant, and we are honored to welcome them into our theme park winter wonderland.  Plus, theme park enthusiasts won’t want to miss this extremely rare opportunity to drive through the park,” he added.

© Six Flags Great Adventure
As noted above by the park's president, visitors will be able to drive directly through the theme park, through 12 different themed areas spread over 140 acres.  Driving through the park on its own is a very unique experience!

For the safety of guests reservations are required for a trip to the Holiday in the Park Drive-Thru Experience.  Admission is free for those who have a season pass or membership, and tickets are sold on a per person basis.

Monday, November 23, 2020

Take a Virtual Ride on SeaWorld Orlando's New Ice Breaker Coaster

© SeaWorld Orlando
SeaWorld Orlando is excited to launch their brand new roller coaster, Ice Breaker, this Spring, and to drum up some excitement has released a new point of view virtual ride on the coaster.  While fans have had to wait a bit longer to take their first spin on the coaster, final preparations are now underway for the ride to give its first chilly blast in just a few months.

© SeaWorld Orlando
Ice Breaker has been designed by Premier Rides, and features several forward and backward launches that send the trains along the course at 52 miles per hour.  The launches are used to blast riders up a 93 foot scorpion tail element, along with an 80 foot top hat element, followed by twisting and curving track that measures 1,900 feet in length.  Due to the multiple launches on the same track, riders will cover 2,750 feet of track before the experience is over.

Ready to take a virtual ride?  If so, click below and enjoy!

Sunday, November 22, 2020

Alabama Adventure to Unwrap 2021 Addition on Christmas Morning

© Alabama Adventure
We don't know exactly what yet, but Alabama Adventure & Splash Adventure has something significant planned for their 2021 season, and are promising to reveal it as a holiday gift on Christmas Morning.

The park has posted this teaser on their social media, which is a slow zoom out of a giant gift that's sitting atop a section of the amusement park.  The box is of substantial size, and if the unnamed attraction does take up that whole area, we're looking at something pretty big.  The reason I saw that is because the box is encompassing a decent amount of the layout of the park's former log flume, which was removed years ago.

© Google Maps
Here's a look at this section of the park before the current owners started to rebuild and redevelop the park, with the log flume still standing.  The cleared area is a large rectangle, which could fit many rides, really.  One would assume that the attraction will be a ride in Alabama Adventure and not a water ride in Splash Adventure, but then again the park recently redeveloped an area that you can see at the lower right of the top image into a children's area of the water park.  Still, my guess would be a ride for the dry side of the park.

There are numerous small layout coasters on the market today that would seemingly fit here, but the park's hot Alabama summers also mean a water ride would be well received.  Even a large spectacular style flat ride might get the park the attention they're after.  For now only the park knows!