Sunday, October 23, 2016

New Star Trek Themed Custom Mack Coaster Completed at Movie Park Germany

© Movie Park Germany
Movie Park Germany has already completed the vertical construction of track and supports for their new launched coaster, Star Trek: Operation enterprise.  Although the ride won't open until 2017, the theme park moved quickly and while there is still plenty left to do, visitors are already excited by the coaster's looming presence.

The ride's layout is pretty compact and most of it can be seen in the above image.  The track on the far left is the initial launch (with a back spike tower not seen in the left of the photo).  After that is a non-inverting top hat element, and then a steep plunge toward the ground.

© Movie Park Germany
The trains will then head up into the giant element seen here, behind the park's entrance plaza fountain.  Riders enter the element on the left above, inverting then coming right side up, only to invert and dive again.  We've seen similar elements on other coasters so while this isn't a first (that I can tell, anyway) it's certainly a pretty cool looking element!

© Movie Park Germany
Subsequent to that high flying element is a quick turn directly through one of the park buildings, several other high speed turns toward the ground and a final heartline roll / corkscrew into the brake run.

I haven't encountered any released statistics on this Mack designed coaster yet, so I'm not sure how fast the train will be maneuvering through the layout.  I'm sure we'll find those out soon, though.