Sunday, October 3, 2010

Scott And Carol Present - Construction is Zippin Along in Green Bay

We were on a hunt for the source of rumors coming out of Green Bay and our trek took us to Bay Beach.

Seems a lot of trees were being transformed in to lumber along the coast of Green Bay.

We found pallets of steel plates which were produced locally.

And some distinctively shaped rebar laying around.

Seems there are signs that there may be some truth to those rumors.

Vertical construction of the "new" Zippin Pippen has be begun.

On this turn some of that rebar has already been encased by concrete thus making footers

This section of track will run through the station.

This aerial view provides a better look at the progress made so far.

A step to left allows an even better looks at the construction. Those Miron guys are hard workers, vertical construction began on Thursday September 30th.

For those of you in the Bay Beach area the park is having a special event. We wish we could be there! For those of you how cannot make it to the event who would like to make a donation or purchase a very cool Zippen Pippen T-shirt check out