Saturday, April 29, 2017

Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth Update from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
With summer soon arriving, Six Flags Discovery Kingdom has been sharing photos of their new ride under construction - which is now nearing the final stages.  Named Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth, the new thrill will be an imposing giant swinging pendulum ride that will be located adjacent to Superman Ultimate Flight.

The above photo was from a few weeks ago when the foundation for the ride was still under construction.  The Joker coaster is right next to the ride pad, and you can see Superman Ultimate Flight in the background.

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
Fasting forwarding a few weeks, the ride foundation had been completed and the giant supports for Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth were on site.  That can only mean one thing: vertical construction was just around the corner!

© Six Flags Discovery Kingdom
And indeed it was.  Just a few days ago the theme park shared this photo of the ride being put up even as darkness had fallen.  The center arm that holds the pendulum is in yellow here, with the other supports extending out from it.

When completed and opened, Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth will stand 147 feet tall and swing 40 passengers per cycle at speeds approaching 70 miles per hour.

Friday, April 28, 2017

Six Flags Welcomes 20th Park with Operating Rights of Waterworld Concord

Six Flags Entertainment has announced that they have reached an agreement to operate Waterworld in Concord, California, located about 20 minutes from Six Flags Discovery Kingdom.  The water park will serve as a great benefit to season pass holders for Discovery Kingdom, which does not feature a water park of its own. 

 “This is an exciting new venture and a great opportunity to provide families with more entertainment options in this important market,” said Six Flags President and CEO John Duffey. “Guests in Northern California will now have the opportunity to enjoy two beautiful Six Flags parks. This is truly a win-win, as we welcome our 20th property—Waterworld California—back into our family of parks.”

© Waterworld California
Waterworld is the area's largest water park and features more than 35 water attractions spread over 30 acres of fun.  These include the region's largest wave pool, several areas for kids and families along with thrill slides.  The most recent addition was Break Point Plunge, a 270 foot long looping thrill ride that starts with a free-fall capsule drop from six stories in the air.

The water park, which opens for the 2017 season on May 13th, originally opened in in 1995 and was actually owned and operated by Six Flags from 2004 through 2006.  It is currently owned by EPR Properties with Six Flags as the managing and operating company.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

New Slides Hit The Strip at Circus Circus in Summer 2017

© Circus Circus Las Vegas
Circus Circus, already arguably the most family-friendly resort on the Las Vegas Strip, has announced that they are expanding their pool area to include several new water slides and attractions.  When completed in time for the summer sun, the expanded area will be available only to Circus Circus resort guests.

Above is a construction photo of the Splash Zone set of water slides, shared by the resort on social media.  The 50 foot tall slide complex will feature three different experiences: a four-lane mat racing slide, a traditional speed slide and an aqua tube plunge.

The expansion also includes a brand new Splash Pad that is built for all ages and includes "water cannons, splash falls and tilting buckets."  Additional amenities include plenty of new lounge chairs, private cabanas for rent, more shade structures, personalized lockers, a brand new food truck and more.  The existing pool area will also be upgraded to feature a refurbished snack bar, new restrooms and a pool area for ages 18 and up only.

This new mini-waterpark will join Circus Circus' other family oriented amenities such as the Adventuredome indoor theme park and Midway area.  For more photos of the completed slide tower and the other work taking place, check out this post from Vital Vegas.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Checking In On Canada's Wonderland's New For 2017 Rides and Slides

© Canada's Wonderland
With opening day now less than a week away, Canada's Wonderland is ramping up the excitement for their new attractions by sharing some official photos of what's new.   

Above is the theme park's new thrill ride, known as Soaring Timbers, which looks pretty much ready to go.  The first of its kind in North America, Soaring Timbers is one of Mondial's "Inferno" rides, which spins passengers on two giant gondolas up to 66 feet in the air.

© Canada's Wonderland
There's several different degrees of rotation that the gondolas are capable of moving in, so it's a pretty safe bet that riders won't know which way is up while on the attraction.  These photos also show how nicely themed the area around Soaring Timbers is, complete with a nice waterfall built into the landscaping.  Canada's Wonderland is known for their somewhat exotic selection of flat rides, and Soaring Timbers only solidifies that reputation in my book.

© Canada's Wonderland
Splash Works, Canada's Wonderland's water park, is also opening a new slide tower this summer, named Muskoka Plunge.  The photos shared by the park show that this one still has quite a bit of construction left - but that's okay because the water park doesn't open for a while yet.

Muskoka Plunge will feature 4 trap-door style launch tubes that drop sliders into a free fall and down through the slide.  It has been reported by Screamscape that the attraction is being built by Splashtacular, one of their DrenalineDrop towers.  I believe that Six Flags installed a couple of these a few years back.  Should be neat to see the complete slide structure!

The park officially opens on April 30th, which is the general public's first chance to try out Soaring Timbers.

Monday, April 24, 2017

InvadR's Media Day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg Part 1

Here is the reason we came to ride. The sign lights up at night, and it looked impressive when we first arrived. There had been a blizzard in the Smoky Mountains of West Virginia and the 30-degree weather resulted in a delay before InvadR could begin to operate.

After the sun took the chill out of the air, the grand opening featured the invading Viking as the first to ride InvadR. Somehow, only Magnus was truly dressed as a Viking, unless they developed zippered clothing with polyfill insulation. It was interesting to see some of the participants later in the day throughout the park, still with their warpaint on.

Of course, it wouldn't be A SeaWorld park without immersive theming throughout the queue. And this carries on into the station and also at the end of the ride.

This new display is on many of the roller coasters at Busch Gardens Williamsburg. It allows for the checkers to see immediately what bar needs to be adjusted and results in faster dispatches. Plus it is some else to watch while you are waiting your turn in the station.

Enthusiastic VIP guests braved the cold and rode InvadR time after time. It was easy to take photos since there were full trains all during the event. When InvadR goes into operation, the track clearing announcements also states "It is time to pillage the village," a nice touch for early riders who witness the start of operations. 

The consensus was this was a good addition to the park, for both families and coaster enthusiasts. You can see this is the Villager's train,...

and here is the Viking train. It is a matter of chance for which one you will ride. We tried them both and had great fun on each one. Here is our ride: 

We finally stayed home for a weekend to catch up so stay tuned for more from InvadR Media Day at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Warner Bros. Movie World's New Hyper Coaster Goes Vertical

We still have no official announcement from the park, but we know it's going to be big and pink!  Well, pinkish purple perhaps.

Warner Bros. Movie World in Australia has started vertical construction on their rumored-to-be hypercoaster, with track and supports starting to tower over the park.

The rumored height is right around 200 feet, but the manufacturer, Mack Rides, is confirmed from the construction site.

© Google
Speaking of the construction site, footings for the ride are basically complete and on updated maps (not this one) you can actually see the ride's layout.  It extends quite far along the park's front border, generally in the pink box above.  If you compare that size to other rides in the park you can tell that this ride will have quite a bit of track.

If you want to check out some photos of the newly vertical ride, check out this update from Parkz.  Also, that website's forum is a hotbed of almost daily updates, like this one showing what was completed as of yesterday.

I'm looking forward to seeing all that this ride has to offer!