Sunday, August 25, 2019

SeaWorld San Antonio Confirms Wood Coaster for 2020 With New Tease

© SeaWorld San Antonio
We're inching closer to SeaWorld San Antonio doing their full announcement of the park's new for 2020 wooden roller coaster.  While the park has had some minor teases before, the latest they released makes it 100% clear that they are building a new wooden roller coaster for next season.

The clip even goes as far as showing some of the animated point of view ride video that they've created, though the clip is short and certainly leaves us wanting more.  They do note that the coaster will be the tallest and fastest wooden roller coaster in Texas.

A quick look at Roller Coaster Database helps us see what the SeaWorld San Antonio ride has to beat to have those titles.  Judge Roy Scream at Six Flags Over Texas is 71 feet tall with a top speed of 45 miles per hour, Kemah Boardwalk's Boardwalk Bullet stands 96 feet tall and hits 51 miles per hour, and Switchback at ZDT's Amusement Park hits 64 feet tall and goes 41 miles per hour.

So, the new SeaWorld coaster only needs to be 97 feet tall and go 52 miles per hour to be the tallest and fastest wood coaster in Texas.

Here's the official tease:

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Legoland California to Introduce Lego Movie World in 2020

© Legoland California
After a successful debut this year at sister park Legoland Florida, Legoland California has announced that Emmet, Wyldstyle, Unikitty and all their friends will arrive in The Lego Movie World next spring.

The new two-acre land will be themed to Bricksburg and feature three attractions, a interactive play area and a meet and greet section.  The addition will mark the park's 20th anniversary, quite a nice birthday present.   “The Lego Movie World is Legoland California Resort’s largest Park addition ever and we are thrilled to create an interactive experience that fully immerses guests into a world that was so brilliantly created by Lego and celebrated by the hugely popular Lego film franchise from our friends at Warner Bros.,” said PeteRonchetti, the park's general manager.

© Legoland California
The largest attraction in The Lego Movie World is the Masters of Flight flying theater attraction, seen above.  Riders sit on triple-decker couches and fly into the Lego World which is projected all around them.  The couches rotate 180 degree after loading to take flights, and the California version will feature two theaters to allow for more capacity than the one theater in the Florida version.  The ride not only takes guests on a soaring adventure, but it also includes 4-D interactions like wind, mist and as the scent of pine and cotton candy, among others.

The park's will also build their own copy of Unikitty's Disco Drop, a family sized free fall.  Standing 35 feet tall, the Disco Drop will gently drop riders down after giving them an aerial view of Bricksburg.  The land's third attraction will be an exiting carousel that will be totally rethemed to fit The Lego Movie World.

The expansion will replace Legoland California's existing Duplo Playground (already relocated) and Lego Friends areas when it opens next year.

Friday, August 23, 2019

Coconut Shores Waterpark Expansion Sailing Into Kings Dominion in 2020

© Kings Dominion
With all the announcements that have taken place lately somehow Kings Dominion's 2020 news got lost in the shuffle!  The park has announced a large water park expansion for 2020 named Coconut Shores.  The development includes two new family friendly attractions.  Kings Dominion is already working on removing their original wave pool, and once the land is cleared the work on the new Coconut Shores will begin.  Along with the two new attractions the park will also bring a new dining experience to Soak City, featuring "Latin and Asian" flavors along with "family favorites like flatbread pizzas."

© Kings Dominion
The largest of the two additions is Lighthouse Landing, a 45 foot tall water playhouse that will feature more than 200 interactive elements to keep kids busy for hours.  The brightly colored structure will also feature 8 different water slides coming from different levels of it.  To top it all off, literally, Lighthouse Landing will feature not one but two different tipping buckets that will drench anyone below them every few minutes.

© Kings Dominion
Sand Dune Lagoon is the second addition, and it's aimed at smaller kids and their families.  The mini-wave pool features a maximum depth of only 24 inches and there will be gentle one foot tall waves flowing from the rocky waterfall at the back of the pool.  With plenty of lounge space nearby, kids can splash in the pool with water shooting features such as crabs and turtles.

“The investment in Soak City demonstrates our commitment to being Virginia’s premier water park,” said Tony Johnson, Vice President and General Manager of Kings Dominion. “Offering a high-quality water park within our amusement park gives guests of every age a chance to cool down during the hottest part of the summer season.  It’s our mission to make people happy and we believe our 2020 water park enhancements will go a long way to doing just that.”

Thursday, August 22, 2019

Energylandia Opens New RMC IBox Coaster Zadra

© Energylandia
Out of the fields of Poland another insane Rocky Mountain Construction IBox track roller coaster has risen, and the majestic ride is named Zadra.  Perhaps that was a bit dramatic, but take a look at this coaster!  We've watched the ride being built and expected it to open in 2020, by Energylandia has gone ahead and opened the ride to guests early, giving visitors the rest of the park's operating season to take a ride.

Zadra is one of RMC's largest coasters to date, standing 200 feet tall and featuring a top speed of 75 miles per hour.

© Energylandia
The RMC IBox track sits atop traditional wooden coaster supports, but features a lift hill that uses a steel framework much like Goliath at Six Flags Great America.  The ride is rather long, 4,265 feet in length, and riders will be inverted three times during the experience.  Zadra's first inversion is a gigantic stall which can be seen above under the ride's lift hill.  The rest of the layout features two zero-g rolls along with a ton of outward banked turns, low to the ground elements, and what looks like a plethora of air-time.

If you can't afford the travel costs to get to Poland to experience Zadra yourself, here is a point of view video the park has released.  Looks like another amazing Rocky Mountain Construction ride!

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Venus Vortex New at Lake Compounce's Crocodile Cove in 2020

© Lake Compounce
A brand new thrilling family water slide, named Venus Vortex, will open Memorial Day 2020 at Lake Compounce's water park, Crocodile Cove.  The large addition will go up near the park's wave pool, which is also a somewhat recent addition, on land reclaimed when the road adjacent to the park was moved several years ago.  That gave Lake Compounce a sizable open space to develop, which they have been with additions like Venus Vortex, the Bayou Bay Wave Pool and Riptide Racer.

© Lake Compounce
The slide will stand more than six stories tall and feature a yellow and green color scheme, sure to make it noticeable from afar.  The four-person rafts will start their journey simply enough, curving through some twists and turns and entering a covered tunnel portion.  Suddenly they will soar out of the tunnel and down a steep drop into a giant half-pike that is decorated to resemble "the carnivorous mouth of a hungry venus flytrip ready for its next meal."  This concept art shows the entire slide's layout, including the giant funnel.

© Lake Compounce
Once in the jaws of the giant fly trip (notice the red teeth they are going to add to the side of the slide's walls - a nice touch), the rafts will slide up and down each side giving moments of weightlessness to passengers.

The Venus Vortex will be "Lake Compounce's largest and most thrilling slide to date," said Jerry Black, Lake Compounce General Manager.  "This addition will further solidify our park as the go-to water park in Southern New England."

Cedar Point Celebrates 150th Anniversary in 2020 With Nostalgia + New Pass

© Cedar Point
Next year Cedar Point will be celebrating the park's 150th anniversary all summer long with a mix of nostalgia and a nod to the future of the resort.  The park dates back to 1870 when the very beginnings of what Cedar Point is today were just starting to take root.  Over the decades the resort and amusement park have grown into one of the world's favorite places to explore, find thrills, spin and twirl, splash in a water park, and even spend a summer vacation at.

The park will celebrate their history next year with a "multitude of new family entertainment and memory-making experiences."  "Guests will enjoy a fully-immersive nighttime celebration along the Main Midway, try new, delicious and innovative food options (along with a few throwbacks of old), take home new memories with a complete line of nostalgic souvenirs and merchandise, step into a reimagined Town Hall in Frontier Town and climb aboard a river expedition for a new generation."

All of the activities planned sound fun, and the park promises that plenty more surprises are on the way and will be revealed as the 2020 season approaches.  The thought of having a boat ride back on the park's central lagoon is pretty exciting on its own.

© Cedar Point
While we wait on more details on all the fun that is planned for 2020, the park has also announced a brand new Gold Pass that is an amazing deal.  We don't usually cover ticket/pass information here, but Cedar Point's new Gold Pass, in honor of their 150th anniversary, is pretty extraordinary.  For just $99 visitors can get access to the park for the remainder of the 2019 season, and all of 2020, plus Cedar Point Shores and free parking.

For a park the size of Cedar Point which offers so much, that's really a steal.  I have a feeling there will be plenty of folks celebrating at the park next year!