Monday, September 18, 2017

Snoopy and Friends Sticking Around Cedar Fair Parks Through 2025

Fans of the Peanuts characters at the various Cedar Fair parks across the county can be rest assured that they have at least eight more seasons of everyone's favorite beagle to look forward to.

And not only Snoopy, but all of his friends will be there as well, including Charlie Brown, Linus, Lucy, Schroeder, Pig-pen, Sally, Peppermint Patty, Marcie, Franklin and of course Woodstock.

Cedar Fair has announced that it has reached an agreement with Peanuts Worldwide LLC, who is now a subsidiary of DHX Media, to extend their licensing agreement for all 11 Cedar Fair amusement and theme parks through the year 2025.  The agreement gives Cedar Fair exclusive rights to use the characters in North America in their "attractions, entertainment and sports, food and beverage, lodging and retail operations."

Cedar Fair already utilizes the Peanuts characters in children's themed areas in nearly all of their parks.  This includes at Camp Snoopy at Knott's Berry Farm, which was the first to open in 1983 and heavily renovated in 2014.

It has also announced that Carowinds will be featuring a large expansion in 2018 featuring the Peanuts gang, when Camp Snoopy moves into the park.

Cedar Fair also uses the characters in many dining events, along with each fall when The Great Pumpkin Fest is held at many parks for family-friendly daytime fun.

© Cedar Fair
"Cedar Fair has been a long-standing and cherished partner to Peanuts, dating back many years to when Camp Snoopy first opened at Knott's Berry Farm in 1983," said Craig Schulz, son of Charles M. Schulz and President and CEO of Charles M. Schulz Creative Associates. "On behalf of my entire family, I look forward to many more years of bringing the joy of my father's characters to the fans in Cedar Fair's parks."

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Geauga Lake's Wildwater Kingdom Relics Can Be Yours to Own

© Raider of the Lost Parks
Granted some of them cost an awful lot more than others, but fans of Wildwater Kingdom, formerly operating across the water from where Geauga Lake was, might be interested in some items from the park that are currently up for sale.

Raider of the Lost Parks is selling many items from Wildwater Kingdom on Facebook, including the well-known slide tower seen above.  Known as the tallest slide complex in Ohio, the 7 slide tower is still standing at the park while it waits for a new owner.

© Raider of the Lost Parks
But it sounds like it doesn't have much longer to wait, as the website reports that the park's owners are taking bids for its demolition.  They also estimate that moving the slide would cost about 40% less than a new slide tower of the same size, but that it will need plenty of refurbishments as well.  Sadly, I wouldn't be at all surprised to see this one get torn down in the coming months.

However, it does appear as though some attractions from Wildwater Kingdom have found new homes.  The large Tornado slide was reportedly sold to Camelbeach water park in Pennsylvania, and the family water fun house structure went to an unnamed park.

© Raider of the Lost Parks
Outside of the water slides and attractions, pretty much everything else of value at the park is also on sale.  Above is a tree house relic that I think dates back to Sea World Ohio days.  There are plenty of other items listed on the Facebook site, including fire doors, a cash safe, water filtration systems and pumps, a pavilion and more.  So just like many of the rides from Geauga Lake live on at other parks, it seems some of Wildwater Kingdom will as well.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Europa Park Details 2019's Rulantica Water World Indoor Water Park + New Resort

Europa Park has been planning a new water park resort for some time now, but has recently announced additional details on the massive expansion project.  Named Rulantica Water World, the Nordic themed indoor water park will cover 350,000 square feet, with an additional 86,000 square foot outdoor play area.

Right next to the indoor water park will be Krønasår, a brand new "natural history museum" hotel.  The theme will be that of a museum celebrating the artifacts of the Adventure Club of Europe, tied to the adventures that can be found next door within Rulantica.  The hotel will have 277 guest room and 27 suites and is linked to the development by a bridge over a lagoon.

© Europa Park
Here is a look at the development, with Rulantica Water World on the left and the Krønasår hotel on the right.  Europa Park does an excellent job with theming their rides and attractions, and I've no doubt that this expansion will look beautiful when it is complete.

© Europa Park
This schematic shows off the total area that is going to be developed, which is set just a little off from the main Europa Park and the existing 5 hotels.  It gives a bit of a look at the layout of the indoor water park as well.  It is also easy to notice all the open space that is a part of the expansion, who knows what will eventually be added in those areas.

© Europa Park
Giving more details of the additions that are planned, this infographic highlights different aspects of Rulantica.  There will be 25 attractions within the water park area, with ones meant for all ages of visitors.  There will be eight distinctly Nordic themed sections to the water park, including a kids area named Troll Valley.  There will also be a "relaxing mystery river," the largest wave pool in the area, and a total of 17 water slides.

Of course along with all the attractions there will be several restaurants spread throughout the water park and the hotel, along with retail locations.  The park will offer shuttle service to Europa Park from the Rulantica area as well.  Construction has already started on the project, so stay tuned for updates.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Kennywood to Retire Log Jammer This Weekend

© NewsPlusNotes
The Log Jammer, a classic log flume ride that has operated at Kennywood for 42 years, will be retired at the end of the upcoming weekend.  The amusement park noted on their website that closing the ride was a "very hard decision," but it will allow them to plan for the future of the park.  The final day of operation for Log Jammer will be this Sunday, the 17th.

© NewsPlusNotes
The Log Jammer was Kennywood's first addition to cost more than $1 million when it opened in 1975.  It features logs that plummet down a final 53 foot drop into the splash area seen above.

"It is a bittersweet decision, but one that in time will create some exciting opportunities for our guests," says Kennywood General Manager Jerome Gibas. "While no final decisions have been made regarding what will replace the Log Jammer, Kennywood is committed to enhancing our guests' experiences while preserving our signature balance of modern thrills and traditional family favorites."

© Bing
The Log Jammer's removal will open up some space in the Eastern edge of the park, bordering picnic pavilions and the Racer roller coaster.  There has been much speculation that Kennywood is working on creating a new roller coaster, but this development does not really jive with those plans that came out due to the planning approval process.  So it seems that perhaps a new plan is being put into place.

While we dream of the future for Kennywood, make sure to get your last rides in on Log Jammer, these old log flumes are a dying breed!

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

California's Great America Planning for the Addition of a 240 Foot Tall Ride

According to a filing with the Federal Aviation Administration, or FAA, California's Great America is planning on building a 240 foot tall ride for what looks like a 2019 debut.

The document, which is needed due to the park's proximity to an airport, is pretty clear and notes that the height waiver is needed because "a 240-foot tall ride structure would be proposed to be built in the theme park."  The filing also notes that work on the project will extend from 9/2/2018 through 4/6/2019.  Naturally, that leads me to believe this will be a major project for the park's 2019 season.

© Google Maps
Naturally the ride structure that is mentioned reaches its highest point of 240 feet above the ground, and the the coordinates for that spot are given.  Plugging them into Google Maps shows that the tallest part of whatever the ride is will be right over the Peanuts Pirates ride, marked on the map above.

If you recall the original expansion plans that the park presented to win their rezoning did include a 200 foot plus tall hyper coaster given as an example of what they would want to build.  But, the same document also shows a super tall version of a StarFlyer, so it's hard to know what might be coming.  It does seem a bit soon to build a massive coaster right after RailBlazer, but the park is prepped for some massive expansion similar to what we've seen Carowinds go through, so it's not out of the question.

It's an exciting hint at the park's future, but before getting onto 2019 the park has 2018 to look forward to, which will see the opening of RailBlazer!

Monday, September 11, 2017

Final Dorney Park Haunt X Update Before Opening Night

© NewsPlusNotes
Haunt X at Dorney Park opens this Friday, September 15th!  Hard to believe that the summer has gone by and we're already at Haunt season!  Yesterday's beautiful weather made for a nice trip to see the park's final preparations for the event.  The park looks about 99% ready for things to start in just four days.

© NewsPlusNotes
Age of Darkness, located on the park's lower midway just past Thunderhawk's entrance, is fully dressed and ready to go.  The scare zone includes the "torture chamber" add on area filled with an assortment of props and special effects.  Seen above is one of the castle entrance/exits to that section of the attraction.

© NewsPlusNotes
Up on the Main Midway, the Funzone Arcade is currently closed as the instillation of Chamber of Horrors is underway.  Earlier in the year the park tricked some of us fans into thinking that some sort of reincarnated Club Blood was going to arrive here, alas it seems the park was just celebrating some of their biggest and best haunts in honor of the event's 10th anniversary.

© NewsPlusNotes
The CarnEvil scare zone, located in Hydra's plaza, is also ready to go.  I love this corridor that is lined with carnival banners, lights, and plenty of oversized blocks obscuring the view.  At night, when filled with fog, it leaves plenty of hiding places for clowns.

© NewsPlusNotes
Here is one of the many carnival themed graphics that are located along the corridor.  Man Eating Chicken is a popular one (yes the chicken is eating a man), but I'm partial to Bee Man - Feel The Sting!

© NewsPlusNotes
This year's new haunted house, Tourist Trap, has its signage up - like its predecessor Mansion House Hotel guests will enter and queue in the park's original catering area.

© NewsPlusNotes
The facade of Tourist Trap, which really serves as its exit, has received some additional graphics to build on the announced themed.  The World's Fair is mentioned here, along with some other vendors that are located along the street they've set up.  This haunt actually opened Sunday night for season pass holders as a preview - I wasn't able to attend but have heard very good things about the quality of what's waiting inside!

© NewsPlusNotes
Wondering around the park it is hard to miss some new structures that have appeared throughout the property.  Here is one that is located near the exit to White Water Landing.  I'm going to take a guess that these are Skeleton Key rooms that might be associated with the Haunt located near them.  In this case Blood on the Bayou is located just around the corner.

© NewsPlusNotes
Here is a second one, located just down the path from Tourist Trap, and carrying a similar theme to that attraction's facade.

© NewsPlusNotes
This gothic crypt looking building is located, obviously, in front of Steel Force.  That places it close to both Grave Walkers and Trick Or Treat.  The latter was built with space for a Skeleton Key room inside it, so that fact plus the theme makes me thing this matches up with Grave Walkers.

© NewsPlusNotes
Finally, this little shack is standing across the midway from Center Stage Fries.  That places it somewhat close to CornStalkers, and the theme seems to match as well.  The park has 5 brand new Skeleton Key rooms this year, 7 in total, so I can't wait to see what takes place inside these buildings.

© NewsPlusNotes
One last shot of this year's billboard that's located at the park's exit along Hamilton Blvd.  See you all this weekend for Haunt X!