Sunday, October 20, 2019

Universal Studios Beijing Names Seven Themed Lands In New Property Update

© Universal Beijing
Universal Studios Beijing, set to open sometime in 2021, has provided a new update that reveals the seven themed lands that will make up the park.  Some of the themes have been successfully used at other Universal theme parks, and some of them will be new.

Up top is new concept art for Universal Studios Beijing that shows the entire park and all its lands.  It also gives an idea of how much space has been left open for future development - a significant amount.

© Universal Beijing
A new themed land will be entirely indoors, themed around the Kung Fu Panda films and aptly named Kung Fu Panda Land of Awesomeness.  Set in "legendary China," the area will feature numerous Chinese-themed locations from the films such as the Jade Palace, Panda Village and the Peach Tree of Heavenly Wisdom.  While no specific rides were revealed for the area, it looks like it is going to be a uniquely themed area filled with family attractions.

© Universal Beijing
Minion Land will be sort of a new themed area for a Universal park, as Universal Studios Japan has an existing one that has grown into its own land over time.  However this one has been designed from the start, featuring all the characters of the Despicable Me franchise... and plenty of minions.  The concept art looks a bit like Super Silly Fun Land, which is expected to be filled with attractions aimed at the whole family.

© Universal Beijing
Jurassic Park certainly isn't a new theme for a Universal Park, however using the Jurassic World movies as a base for a new land is unique.  Isla Nublar is the setting for visitors to take in the majesty of dinosaurs, and the land is set to feature "attractions and adventures never seen before."  The aerial concept art once again confirms the suspended coaster that appears to head through a giant aviary, and a massive show building that is suspected to contain some sort of new Jurassic dark ride.  A lot of promise in this land, for sure.

© Universal Beijing
The Transformers films are also receiving their own dedicated themed land at Universal Studios Beijing in Transformers: Metrobase.  This area has a close but not exact clone of the Incredible Hulk coaster at Islands of Adventure, and should also open with a copy of the existing Transformer rides.  You can also make out the structure for a tea cup themed ride that will be in the area.

Universal Studios Beijing is also set to open with a Wizarding World of Harry Potter area, which looks similar to the Hogsmeade land already at several of the parks.  The entrance area will be known as Hollywood Boulevard and feature classic Hollywood architecture, and include a cover over the park's main street area.  The last of the seven lands is WaterWorld, the first time the famous stunt show has received its own land.  The park states the land will have "dining and other entertainment offerings" in addition to the main show.

Saturday, October 19, 2019

Fright Fest Screams Back to Six Flags Great Adventure for 2019 Scare-Fest

© Six Flags Great Adventure
Billed as the Northeast's Largest Halloween Party, Six Flags Great Adventure is currently holding their annual Fright Fest event, filled with all the screams and terror that fans have come to expect.

The event will run on selected nights through November 3rd, featuring more than 20 Halloween-themed attractions, with brand new frights and shows just for the 2019 season.  During the day the park is very much so family friendly, offering a wide variety of activities and shows for kids and their families, however once the sun starts to drop the frights begin.

© Six Flags Great Adventure
The park has changed their lineup a bit for Fright Fest for 2019, including a new version of the popular Aftermath maze.  Themed after a "raw, post-apocalyptic world crawling with barbaric mutant scavengers," this maze has moved to a new location within Metropolis and has been renovated as well featuring new scares.

The park is bustling with other haunted attractions as well.  In addition to Aftermath, the park is also offering haunted mazes such as Fears, Cell Block 6, The Manor, Wicked Woods, Big Top Terror: Forgotten Carnival in 3D, Blood Shed and Reflections of the Dead.

© Six Flags Great Adventure
These mazes come in addition to the park's existing five scare zones, filled with monsters, fog and plenty of other surprises.  These areas include The Bloody Fountain, Lady of the Lake Cemetery, Bone Butcher Terror-tory, Carnevil and the Demon District.  Each zone has its own unique theme and feel... but collectively they all feature a ton of scares!

© Six Flags Great Adventure
Fright Fest at Six Flags Great Adventure is well known for its premier show, Dead Man's Party, which is holding its 20th Anniversary Bash this year.  The stellar show is one of the best in the industry, and guests line up a long time before each performance to get a good seat.  The "rock concert-meets-Broadway-style live show features new mashups of old classics, eye-popping special effects including lasers and pyrotechnics and a dynamic cast."

Fright Fest has plenty of other great live entertainment as well, including "Unleashed," located at the Showcase Theater, which includes "acrobatics, illusion and dance" and The Arrival ghoul parade/The Awakening, in which the monsters arrive at the park and are officially brought to life by Dr. Fright.

© Six Flags Great Adventure
On top of all the haunted attractions, the thrilling rides and attractions that the park offers are also open during Fright Fest.  This includes rides like the 415 foot Zumanjaro free fall, crazy night rides on Nitro and even some aerial views of the park on the SkyScreamer of Doom.

For more information on Six Flags Great Adventure's 2019 Fright Fest, check out the park's website.

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Universal Studios Florida Opening The Bourne Stuntacular in 2020

© Universal Orlando
Another long-rumored project at Universal Studios Florida has been finally made official - The Bourne Stuntacular will open to guests in Spring of 2020.  The attraction is the replacement for T2-3D: Battle Across Time, the Terminator themed show that operated at the park from 1996 until 2017.

The Bourne Stuntacular will be based around the popular series of Bourne films, produced by Universal, of which there have so far been 5 feature films released stretching from 2002 to 2016.  Universal Orlando describes the production as an "all new live-action stunt show" that is both cutting edge and sure to keep visitors to the theme park on the edge of their seats.

The use of technology in The Bourne Stuntacular will "blur the lines between stage and cinema in a hybrid form of entertainment that has never been seen before."  Using liver performers, interactive props and an "immense LED screen," the park promises that it will be nearly impossible to tell where the live action in front of you ends and where the screen behind begins.

In a sense that sounds like a much more modern version of the Terminator production, which was loved by millions for both its production value and kitschy qualities.  In the new show Jason Bourne will be traveling around the globe chasing and being chased by bad guys, with "thrilling chase scenes, punishing fistfights, death-defying leaps and danger at every turn."

Since the park has been working on the attraction for quite some time now, they've already started to put up signage on the former T2-3D theater, which has also received a new look and fresh paint.  As always, Universal promises more details on The Bourne Stuntacular in the coming months as its opening date approaches.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Valleyfair Announces the Retirement of Looping Starship Flat Ride

© Valleyfair
Valleyfair will retire their classic flat ride, the Looping Starship, at the end of the 2019 season according to news published on their social media feeds.  The park posted that there are only two weekends left to get in rides on the attraction, which coincides with the end of the property's season.

According to good old Wikipedia, the Looping Starship is one of Intamin's rides of the same name, which have appeared at parks across the globe.  However, the list of retired installations is already much longer than the list of operating ones, so in a sense the ride really is a classic at Valleyfair.  The ride was popular at many Six Flags parks in decades past, though they've mostly all gone away as well.

Riders on the Looping Starship are seated in a giant ship that completes full 360 degree rotations, a beefed up, more thrilling version of the popular pirate ship rides. 

© Google Maps
Valleyfair has worked to expand their water park significantly over the past ten years or so, and if you study this aerial of the park you'll note that the Looping Starship is right on the border of that area.  Naturally this leads many to believe that the park is planning to work on another round of water park expansion in the future.  The park announced the addition of Grand Carnivale for 2020, and if a new water ride was coming for that year I'd think it have already been revealed.  You never know, but most likely this removal could make room for something in 2021.

Saturday, October 12, 2019

Take On The Fright of Your Life at Dorney Park's 2019 Halloween Haunt

© NewsPlusNotes
The undead have once again risen at Dorney Park, which is currently holding their annual scream-fest named Halloween Haunt.  The event is now in its 12th season at the park, and has added some new attractions again this year to keep things fresh.  Visitors flock to the event with the promise that they may get the fright of their life, and the park has made sure to deliver on that!

In total there are eleven haunted attractions, two live shows, special food and beverage offerings, roaming monsters, decorations throughout the park and fog... plenty of fog!

© NewsPlusNotes
© NewsPlusNotes
The evening officially kicks off again this year with the Overlord's Resurrection, where the man behind the evening's terrors demands a sacrifice from his skull-faced minions.  This year the performance includes a lot more dancing, and later in the evening the show is named Terror Rising.  The latter shows are a bit different than the one that kicks off the night, longer and with more focus on the performers.  The stage is located in front of Hydra, not far from The Pour Haus, a new food and beverage stand this year that offers various alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  Gotta beat that fear somehow!

© NewsPlusNotes
New this year on the main Midway is Steamworx, and sort of scare zone that focuses less on jump scares and more on a creepy environment.  The park made some major infrastructure changes to the midway earlier in the year to support Grand Carnivale, and is using that to their advantage through the new lighting and sound systems.

© NewsPlusNotes
© NewsPlusNotes
There are a lot of different characters to be found within Steamworx, but like I said their goal is not to jump out at anyone to give them a scream.  The combination of the actors, lighting, music and dense fog work wonderfully with a lot of really giant set pieces that Dorney Park built for the zone.  The main midway has always been a complicated area for Haunt, due to its size and it being a main thoroughfare - I think Screamworx is a nice compromise between what the park and its guests need and want.

© NewsPlusNotes
Replacing Age of Darkness this year is The Lair, a vampire themed scare zone that's honestly more like a maze than most scare zones.  It's located right where Age of Darkness' torture chamber was, but the sets have been totally redone and now feature a full gothic castle feel.

© NewsPlusNotes
© NewsPlusNotes
I was quite surprised at how great the inside of the area looks, above are some views of a giant courtyard the park built in the middle of the path - complete with several vampires (one on a throne), a water fountain and other decorations.  Nice and creepy in there!

© NewsPlusNotes
The lighting and mood of The Lair is wonderful, and since it's technically a scare zone there is no long wait to get into it.  I definitely suggest going through it more than once to really take it all the scenery that's packed into it!

The park has also added a new bar area near the exit to The Lair, aptly named Stake & Ale.  The location features a selection of specialty drinks and other adult beverages... in case you still need a little more help to take on the haunted houses!

© NewsPlusNotes
Dorney Park's Halloween Haunt features numerous returning haunted houses and scare zones as well.  Above is Tourist Trap, the park's most recently added full indoor haunted house, which still remains quite popular.

© NewsPlusNotes
I'd also like to point out that Necropolis, another scare zone that's really much more like a giant outdoor haunted house, was really strong this year.  The park reorganized some of the path, opening up areas to wander around, but then keeping guests in a tight path (for good scares) at other points.  Near the end of the zone is the above tunnel, completely lined with skeletons and bright lights that make it hard to see what's coming next... and who is hiding at your feet.

© NewsPlusNotes
Another returning favorite is Blood on the Bayou, still the favorite haunted house of many visitors.  It joins Chamber of Horrors, Trick Or Treat: Lights Out, Urgent Scare, and Blackout as returning mazes.  Other scare zones that are back this year include CornStalkers: Barn Bred and Blood Fed and CarnEvil.

© NewsPlusNotes
The ever popular Blood Drums show is back on Center Stage, with pulsing beats that can be heard throughout the lower part of the park.  Still drawing a large crowd for each performance, the show again includes an awesome fire act that's not to be missed.

© NewsPlusNotes
One of the coolest additions this year can be found on the midway near the Musik Express, and that's this demon baby in a stroller.  The baby carriage zooms through the area on its own, acting as one of the most efficient scare actors I've ever seen.  Guests are both freaked out and mesmerized by the baby, who has glowing red eyes and occasionally spits up water at those nearby.  Make sure you stop by the area to see it in action, it's rather hilarious and creepy all at the same time!

© NewsPlusNotes
While we've focused on attractions that open once the sun goes down, the park did bring back the Pumpkin Spectacular on the lower midway, near where Monster Jam Thunder Alley is operating.  The park has added even more pumpkins to the massive display this year, and it's best to take a walk through the area before the sun goes down.

© NewsPlusNotes
And if you're hungry during the event, we suggest checking out this year's Fright Feast.  Located at the recently added Parkside Pavilion, the meal offers dishes such as garlic parmesan chicken breast, hamburgers, pumpkin ravioli and dirt cups for dessert.  Delicious!

Halloween Haunt runs each Friday and Saturday through the end of the season, and this year that includes the weekend of November 1st and 2nd.  There's also a bonus haunt night tomorrow, October 13th. 

Thursday, October 10, 2019

Legoland New York to Officially Open on July 4th, 2020

© Legoland New York
Legoland New York, the first major outdoor theme park to open in the Northeast in decades, has announced that its grand opening celebration will begin on July 4th, 2020.  Excited fans have been waiting for years to find out when the park will open, and now they can mark their calendars and begin the countdown.

“Our Park is in high gear and we’re on track for opening,” said Legoland New York Senior Divisional Director John Ussher.  “Buildings are going up, concrete is being poured and construction is buzzing across our site.  Ride components, such as the track for our Dragon coaster, are arriving in Goshen to be installed.  Our Lego models – more than 15,000 of them – are being shipped to our site from Merlin Magic Making workshops all over the world.  This is truly a global effort, with thousands of people working together to build the ultimate Lego theme park destination here in the Hudson Valley.”

© Legoland New York
Legoland New York is set to be the largest Legoland theme park ever constructed, sprawling over 150 acres with more than 50 rides, shows and attractions.  The park will feature seven different themed lands located over the rolling countryside of the Hudson Valley.  The park will offer attractions that have already proven popular at existing Legoland theme parks, along with some unique ones as well.  Next door to the park will be the Legoland Hotel, allowing visitors to easily experience the park for more than one day.

Tickets and season passes for Legoland New York are already on sale, and you can find out more about the park on the park's official website.

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Hersheypark's Candymonium Starting to Stand Tall In New Photo

© Hersheypark
It's time for Hersheypark's skyline to change forever!  The park has starting to build the lift hill for Candymonium, their new for 2020 B&M hyper roller coaster.  The photo was taken from far back in the undeveloped land that the park recently gained, and makes the height of the ride look even more impressive.  When complete this lift hill will stand 210 feet over Hersheypark, and there's still plenty of more lift to go up before the top is reached.

Candymonium will stretch 4,636 feet in length and as hyper coasters tend to do, will feature a bunch of air-time hills during the layout.  It was pass near the main plaza of the new Chocolatetown near the end of the ride, swooping around an iconic fountain.  If you look close in the background of this photo you can see the giant new building that has gone up to support many of the food and beverage outlets that will be featured in Chocolatetown.

Since the ride was announced in the summer it might be helpful to check out the video of the ride that the park released as a refresher.  Candymonium will be the star attraction of Chocolatetown, but the massive development will certainly change the look of Hersheypark forever.  Coaster construction should continue quickly now that the lift hill is going up!

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Busch Gardens Williamsburg Shares Views of Pantheon Construction + Track Arrives

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
There's a lot of really cool roller coasters opening in North America in 2020, certainly near the top of the list will be Pantheon at Busch Gardens Williamsburg.  The massive launch coaster, created by Intamin, was announced during the summer and since then construction has kicked into high gear at the award winning theme park.

Busch Gardens Williamsburg has started to share photos of the work site, which takes full advantage of the park's hills and valleys.  The above photo is looking down at the worksite by the Rhine River, which Pantheon will swoop toward at two points in the layout.  Looks like some seriously deep foundations are starting to be created here.

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Back up toward the top of the work site, with Tempesto looming in the background, there are plenty of footers already completed.  Pantheon will feature multiple launches with a maximum speed of almost 73 miles per hour.  The layout features both forward and backward launches and heights of up to 178 feet above the ground.

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
The park is also proud to show off some of the Pantheon track that recently arrived at the park.  With track arriving and many footers already complete, perhaps vertical construction isn't too far off?  The track is a pretty gold color, though the lighting in these photos isn't the best.

© Busch Gardens Williamsburg
Maybe it's more of a yellow, I'm sure that additional photos in the future will give us a better idea.  Some of this track looks like it could be for the station area, which is usually one of the first parts of a coaster to go up.  Hopefully the park gives us more views of Pantheon construction again soon!

Monday, October 7, 2019

More Track for Iron Gwazi Installed Including Crazy New Turn

© Busch Gardens Tampa
Busch Gardens Tampa has installed a ton of new track since formally announcing Iron Gwazi a few weeks ago, and all of it is looking amazing. The park hasn't been sharing much of the construction on their socials, sadly, but Midway Mayhem has got everyone's back.

Check out this tweet from their latest update:
That's a lot of new purple track installed in a short time!  We've seen the giant turnaround that's immediately following the first drop going up in previous photos, but now most of the inversion that follows it is in place.  Trains will climb up that highly banked hill only to roll downward in the opposite direction, it's going to be a heck of an element.

Also new is that extremely overbanked turn that is the second element.  Some of Midway Mayhem's photos show just how banked the track is at the top of that turn, and in my book it's definitely an inversion on its own.  I don't think the park is counting it as one, but riders will be more upside down than right side up at the top!

Here is the full update from Midway Mayhem, make sure to follow their socials for more updates as construction continues!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Rye Playland Boasts its Best Season in Several Years

© Playland
It has been a while since we've had good news coming out of Rye Playland, which has been troubled with much drama and lawsuits regarding who will be operating the park.  It's a long story, but the current disagreement between Standard Amusements and the County, which owns the park, is still raging on.

Let's turn to the good news instead, Playland has announced that their attendance in 2019 was higher than the past three years, breaking a trend of steadily decreasing visits.  In 2019 there were a total of 508,413 visitors, compared to 460,000 in 2018.  That's a substantial gain, based off of the park adding a new ride, a new mascot, town days to celebrate local communities, live concerts and entertainment, and adding two fall weekends to the park's schedule.

© Playland
A big part of the lift was probably the addition of the park's first new ride in eleven years, the Dragonator.  The ride, which is a Disk'O from Zamperla, opened on July 29th and brought plenty of new life to the park.  The spinning and swirling ride proved extremely popular with visitors, showing that there could be a significant need for new attractions at the property.

Despite the ongoing issues related to who will be operating the park, the County is pleased by the growth this season and promises to use this winter to "improve and expand our product."  Hopefully another new ride will join the park in 2020!

Friday, October 4, 2019

Short Lived Sale of Cedar Fair to Six Flags Reported to be Dead in the Water

Just days after breaking the news that Six Flags Entertainment had made an offer to purchase Cedar Fair, Reuters has followed up with news that the deal is now dead, with Cedar Fair rejecting the bid as too low.

Of course, there's no doubt a lot more factors than just the bid being too low, but we're still working off of anonymous sources, not factual statements from either company.  The story states that the bid was for around $70 a unit, which wasn't nearly enough to make up for tax consequences that investors and the company would face from losing Cedar Fair's somewhat unusual limited partnership tax status. 

That bid would have valued the deal at around $4 billion, a big number indeed, but considering that is right around Six Flags Entertainment's market cap and most of the deal was to be paid with Six Flags shares, also telling of how much debt the new company would have had... and potentially precarious their financials would have been.

Rueters is also reporting that Six Flags offered Cedar Fair management members to remain in leadership roles of the company, as Six Flags' is still searching for a new CEO, but that didn't move the needle either.

Interestingly, fans of the industry that poo-pooed the deal left and right on social media got mentioned by Reuters in the article as they said that "reactions from stock market investors, as well as amusement park fans concerned about the impact of the potential deal on how Cedar Fair parks will be run, have been negative..."

As of right now they're reporting that there is no indication Six Flags will counter offer, and frankly I'm not sure how much higher they could possibly go anyway, financially speaking.  Big money is cheap right now, but not that cheap.

So as fans of both parks mostly take a big sigh of relief we'll continue to watch for any bits of news related to the story.

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Six Flags Rumored to Have Offered to Buy Cedar Fair

Interesting news popped up today as Reuters reported that confidential sources revealed to them that Six Flags Entertainment has approached Cedar Fair Entertainment with a deal to buy the company.  It would create a massive theme park operator in North America, with more parks under one brand than I can remember at any point in the history of the industry on the continent.

The report says that Six Flags offered a cash and stock combination offer, which sent the shares of Cedar Fair into a massive upward spike that caused the symbol to briefly be halted from trading.  Aside from the Reuters article, the news has not been confirmed by either company.

It wasn't long until followers of the industry were buzzing, and financial analysts as well.  Soon after the news broke it was reported that Wells Fargo saw the deal as a "stretch," noting that Six Flags has no current CEO and they'd have to pay a huge premium to get over tax hurdles resulting from Cedar Fair's limited partnership status.  To that end, Stifel sent out an investor note that the shares of Cedar Fair would possibly have to be bought for as much as $90 (currently trading around $60) which is a rather huge premium.

We're not an investment blog however, so I'll leave it up to the professionals to figure out if a deal would even make sense, but one can be sure there would be a large amount of debt for Six Flags when all was said and done... and also some Cedar Fair unit holders with a big bank account.  And it wouldn't be surprising to see several parks sold off elsewhere as part of the deal.

From the fan community, of which we are a part, the reaction seems to be overwhelmingly negative.  While everyone has a long list of pros and cons for each operator, it seems that no one really wants the two to combine.  Perhaps the thought of Six Flags Cedar Point or Six Flags Knott's Berry Farm is simply too much for those that love the parks.  There is a distinctive difference in the culture of both companies, and many fear how that would mix long term.

Without any more definitive evidence that the deal is even real I'm cautious to speculate on how this would play out, but it would represent an absolutely massive change in the industry in North America.  It would change not only who owns the parks, but also ripple down to ride manufacturers, other suppliers, and of course the park employees.  We will be watching this one closely, for sure.

Sunday, September 29, 2019

Monster Jam Thunder Alley Exciting Guests This Fall at Dorney Park

© NewsPlusNotes
This time of year is usually reserved for scares amid the fog at Dorney Park, but 2019 has brought a second special event to the park: Monster Jam Thunder Alley.  The limited time event will run through the end of the season, and is the result of a recent partnership between Cedar Fair and Feld Entertainment.  The production has traveled to two different Cedar Fair parks earlier in the 2019 season, and during the fall it's Dorney Park's turn.  Considering the number of people that can be seen enjoying the interactive attractions that Monster Jam presents, I think it's safe to say the event is already a hit at the park.

© NewsPlusNotes
I for one never thought I would have ever sat in a real monster truck, let alone go for a ride in one.  While not everyone may be a big monster truck fan, there's something that's so impressive about their size and power that it captivates you.  I couldn't imagine driving one, though it may be pretty fun to crush some cars!

© NewsPlusNotes
The event is really two parts, one is a large area of interactive exhibits featuring all the monster trucks, their history, parts, play areas and more.  Then of course there's the ability to actually take a spin on a monster truck as it travels around a course that has been created within Dorney Park.  Both aspects can be found on the midway in front of the Possessed roller coaster, with the monster truck course having been built in the area where Stinger was.

© NewsPlusNotes
There are plenty of monster trucks to see on display as a part of Monster Jam Thunder Alley, like good old Zombie seen above.  There are large information boards on the trucks and their past, and in the case of Zombie you can even seen the process that goes into creating the giant zombie arms that adorn the truck.

© NewsPlusNotes
For instance, here's the info board on Zombie, which has quite an extensive history with Monster Jam, and plenty of zombie fans that dress the part at major events.  The area at Dorney Park is busy with these types of displays, and as these photos show at night the displays really have an extra glow to them.  It really brings the lower part of the park to life!

© NewsPlusNotes
Kids are naturally drawn to monster trucks, at least in my personal experience, and when they need to burn off some energy Monster Jam Thunder Alley gives them this cool play area to dig in.  Literally.  The sand area features lots of trucks to send over tracks and hills they create, with other truck decorations and interactive elements around.

© NewsPlusNotes
There are also several trucks parked that you can sit in the driver's seat of, which is a pretty neat experience on its own.  Those who want to learn more about how monster trucks work will love the display that shows essential parts such as the engine and the enormous tires.  It's really crazy to stand next to those tires and see just how big they are!

© NewsPlusNotes
After checking out the interactive features of Monster Jam Thunder Alley, it's time to ride!  The park has built a huge course for the trucks to take passengers on, and they use two trucks at a time.  We got a ride in Megalodon, the inside of the truck can be seen in this photo.  Riders must be 36 inches to ride accompanied by someone over 54 inches.  You're safely harnessed in your seat and then it's time to take on the course!

© NewsPlusNotes
The experience is probably even cooler than you might assume, as the course has plenty of hills and bumps for the trucks to take on.  It's a unique feeling being in the cab of a giant monster truck, and certainly nothing like driving to work each day!  They even do a fun 360 in the middle of the course.  Granted it's a more gentle version than what you might see drivers do at an arena event, but that's understandable.

This is a very short clip, but it shows the Grave Digger truck in action.  The rides are very popular and are free as part of admission to the park, but be warned that the attraction is quite popular and lines get long pretty quick after the park opens.  If you want to skip that, you can purchase a VIP package or ride reservation via the park's website.

The park is also holding meet and greets this fall with some of the biggest names in Monster Jam drivers, the schedule for which can be found here.  If you're looking for something different to experience this year, or just need a break from the scares of Halloween Haunt, be sure to check out Monster Jam Thunder Alley at Dorney Park!