Thursday, July 4, 2019

Cedar Fair Purchases Sawmill Creek Resort Located Miles from Cedar Point

© Sawmill Creek Resort
Cedar Fair seems to be starting a bit of a spending spree as of late, though perhaps the right deals just fell into the company's lap at the right time.  They announced this week that they have agreed to purchase the Sawmill Creek Resort, located along Cleveland Road just about 8 miles from Cedar Point.

No financial terms of the sale were provided.  Sawmill Creek Resort is spread out over 235 acres of land, including 28 acres of land adjacent to Lake Erie (easily visible in the aerial photo of the resort up top) and 50 acres that have not yet been developed.  The resort includes lodge style accommodations (a total of 236 rooms), a full marina, a golf course, three restaurants, tons of pools and amenities and a conference center.

© Google Maps
The purchase of the resort seems squarely aimed at making Cedar Point more of a destination resort than ever before.  The amenities offered by the resort will help round out what Cedar Point already has, for example now dad can go play a round of golf one day when rest of the family hits the park or water park.  

Plus, the resort already feeds heavily into families in town for tournaments at the Sports Force Park, which will open a large indoor section later this year.  Cedar Fair stated in the press release that they will work to modernize the resort's rooms and facilities over the next two years.

© Google Maps
Just out of curiosity on my part, I wanted to see just how close Sawmill is to the park, and it's about 8 driving miles.  Sawmill is in yellow on this map, with the Sports Force Park in pink, and Cedar Point in blue.  Obviously the new purchase is a bit further out from Cedar Point than their other hotels, but with all its amenities it will allow the company to appeal to an even broader selection of visitors.

With this latest purchase Cedar Fair will now operate more than 2,300 hotel rooms across it's various parks.