Saturday, February 4, 2017

New Wave Breaker - The Rescue Coaster Video with Aerial Shots

SeaWorld San Antonio has introduced what appears to be the first in a series of video updates for their new double-launch roller coaster, Wave Breaker - The Rescue Coaster.  The video is available on the ride's website, and has a few aerial construction shots mixed in that I thought were neat.

© SeaWorld San Antonio
This view shows the section of the park's center lake that is drained for work to be completed on the new coaster.  Well, it's actually only part of the drained area, it's much bigger than just this.  In the middle of the photo you can see footings for what I believe will be the station area for the coaster, with the launch footings moving from that toward the bottom of the photo.  On the right are footings for an s-curve looking part of the ride that I think connects with the second launch.

© SeaWorld San Antonio
This view is of the back half of the ride.  The launch footings I just described can be seen on the bottom left of the photo.  There's plenty of other footings completed for the rest of the ride, the video states that almost 300 are complete so far.  You can also see Steel Eel's first drop over on the far right of the photo, to help with placement.

© SeaWorld San Antonio
One final image, showing where I believe the tallest portions of the ride will be located.  All these areas that we're seeing will eventually be filled back in with water, making the majority of Wave Breaker's layout not over land.  I'm excited to see the track and supports go up for the coaster, so stay tuned for more updates!