Sunday, February 12, 2017

Disney Offers to Buy-Out All of Disneyland Paris Resort

© Disneyland Paris
The Walt Disney Company has made an offer to buy-out the current investors in the Disneyland Paris Resort, with the intention of fixing the property's financial woes once and for all.

The news came after the Disney Company announced that they have agreed to purchase 90% of the resort's shares that are held by Kingdom Holding Company.  That transaction represents 9% of the resort's total shares, and will increase Disney's ownership of the resort to 85.7% from 76.7%.  At the same time Disney announced that they intend to make a cash offer to pick up all of the other outstanding shares, held by various investors, to fully own the property.

The Disneyland Paris Resort has had a long history of financial and profitability issues, which were hurt further by the terror attacks in Paris and economic issues throughout Europe.  Despite pouring more money into the resort in recent years, Disney is also offering to spend up to €1.5 billion when these transactions are complete to fix the resort's finances, including reducing debt, increasing liquidity and o complete improvements in the parks.

Disneyland Paris Resort most recently announced some special attractions for their 25th anniversary, including two Star Wars themed attraction overlays, a new nighttime show and parade.