Wednesday, April 6, 2016

New Details Emerge For Cedar Point's New Sports Complex

© Cedar Point / Sports Force
While not a new ride, Cedar Point is getting ready to break ground Friday on an important addition to their overall offerings.  Called the Cedar Point Sports Park, work will being on this major new development located near the amusement park.  Planned to open in the Spring of 2017, the park will feature "nine multi-purpose, synthetic turf fields, four NCAA regulation baseball fields, a championship baseball and softball stadium, eight NCAA regulation soccer and lacrosse fields, sport-specific training areas, and an ADA-accessible community use field."

The concept art above shows the new facility with Cedar Point in the background.  You can click the image for a much larger version with more detail.

© Google
That concept art shows Cedar Point in  the background, and this map shows more clearly where the Cedar Point Sports Park will be located.  The red box in the upper left is the amusement park, and the one in the lower right is the sports park.  It is being developed on land that used to be a small airport - hence the big 'x' on the map - those used to be runways.

© Cedar Point / Sports Force
The new development will draw many visitors for team tournaments and other events, which naturally pair nicely with a visit to Cedar Point, or a stay in one of their hotels.  The offerings will also enhance the local community, too, which is a major benefit to the area.  Cedar Fair is partnering with Sports Force Parks on the plans, which include some other active fun as well.  This is a major step for Cedar Point's owner, Cedar Fair, to start stepping outside the box when raising its amusement resorts to the next level.

The active fun at the park will include an 18 hole miniature golf course, trampoline park, ropes climbing course, a great lawn with 'movies in the park', several playgrounds, a food, retail and vendor park as well as a competition skill challenge area.

More details and concept art for the Cedar Point Sports Park are available on the Sports Force website.