Monday, March 16, 2009

No Texas Giant in 2010 + Big SF '11 Plans

Today during Six Flags Inc's year end conference call CEO Mark Shapiro let a big cat outta the bag and announced that Six Flags Over Texas will close the Texas Giant for massive renovations during the entire 2010 season in anticipation of the company's 50th anniversary in 2011.

Shapiro said that they "intend to close the legendary wooden roller coaster named the Giant which was built 18 years ago at Six Flags Over Texas for the entire season in 2010 so that it can undergo a $10 million renovation in time to reopen for our 50th anniversary season in 2011.

This would be the largest ride renovation in the history of the company. New trains, a more comfortable ride, a faster ride with additional features all with the intention of restoring this famed coaster to world class status."

He also said that the 50th anniversary of the company in 2011 will be big news for all the parks, stating that there will be "major new attractions" at all the properties that year.

Hopefully this restructuring business can get out of the way this year so that all these exciting plans are what everyone can focus on!


Jason said...

Big attrations in 2011? Sounds awesome! I'm going to SFGAdv on April 4th!