Sunday, March 22, 2009

Daily Spin 3.22.09

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A cool off-season photo tour of Worlds of Fun was posted on recently. They take a peek at all the changes being made and maintenance work going on around the park in order to get the place ready for opening weekend. And, of course, as seen above they were able to grab a shot of Prowler, too.

So Cedar Point has cleared a section of land on the island that Millennium Force runs onto in the middle of the park - and needless to say fans of the Point are freaking out. Care to throw in your opinion of what wild ride Cedar Point will be adding as a direct result of cutting down trees? Go for it!

I would love to go to Dollywood. And what wouldn't make that wish closer to coming true than to win some free tickets to the park? Coaster101 is giving away tickets, all you have to do is click over here and entry to win.

If you're in Cincinnati this summer and you are looking for something to do check out Wake Nation. Wakeboarding is a quickly growing sport - and this new center allows riders to board without being pulled by a boat. It's a very interesting concept and sure to be a hit - check out their website for more details.

I'm like a kid in a candy store when new park maps start showing up each spring. Cedar Fair parks have been updating theirs recently, I noticed that Kings Island's is available, along with Carowinds, and California's Great America's.


Nicholas Tucker said...

Haha I like the line tips bit on the Kings Island map for Diamondback. Just funny how they say the line is longer in the morning when it hasn't even opened yet.