Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Sabrina's Brochure Spotlight: Liseberg 2007

Ho, ho, ho! Yes, of COURSE I realize that Christmas has come and gone. But I'm not about to let that stop me from sharing what the jolly old man in the red suit deposited in my stocking this year!

Swinging high above the Gothenburg sky was Uppswinget, Liseberg's new attraction for 2007. Judging from the brochure cover, this S&S Screamin' Swing delivers quite a lofty ride experience.

Mercifully, this version of the brochure speaks my language! As much as I'd love to claim that I can speak beautiful, fluent Swedish, something tells me that reading Ikea catalogs doesn't count. [Updating Sabrina's to-do list for 2009: Learn to speak REAL Swedish. Check!]

Do you think you can dance? Put yourself to the test by visiting Liseberg and attending a jive or salsa lesson at their Polketten venue! Personally I'm torn between that and hanging out with the Liseberg Rabbits at Lilla Scenen. It's so refreshing to find a park whose mascots are truly unique.

Liseberg's pricing model includes both a gate admission and individual ride tickets. For those of you in the States who are eager to do the math, one U.S. dollar is equal to approximately 7.87 Swedish krona by the current conversion rate. So if you decide to jet over to Sweden and visit Liseberg today, you had better pad your checkbook first because each ride on Balder or Kanonen will cost you approximately $7.60!!

Okay, maybe our readers from Europe can help me out here. Was the word "pentathlon" simply lost in translation, or should I arrive at Liseberg expecting to compete against other guests in five sporting events? Either way, count me in!

One thing is for certain: Nobody is going to walk away from Liseberg hungry. Looks like nobody is going to walk away thirsty either, as you can find your favorite brew around nearly every corner of the park. The park also sports a nice selection of charming shops.

Liseberg is the largest amusement park in Scandinavia and is frequently hailed as the top overall attraction in that area. Its coaster count may not be in the double digits, but this park goes for quality over quantity. [Read: BALDER. Need I say more?] It also features some unique and increasingly rare attractions, including the House of Mirrors.

This detailed operating schedule lists all of Liseberg's happy opening days for the 2007 season. A schedule listing its sad opening days is available in the Bizarro Liseberg 2007 brochure, but I have yet to procure a copy of that one. Perhaps Bad Santa will hook me up next year.

Pssst... Would YOU like to own a copy of this brochure? Well today is your lucky day, because three are available from this lovely seller on eBay!


NewsPlusNotes said...

Awesome brochure! That park looks like a lot of fun - I'd freak if I got to ride Balder... drool.