Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Is this the Pony Express? Or not?

I decided to look at the Zamperla prototype for their MotoCoaster, since this is what Knott's new ride will be.

Well, there's a lot of similarities in stats. The prototype, seen above, goes 40 m.p.h., is over 40 ft. tall, has 60 degree banked turns, but is only 1,195 ft. long. You can compare these stats to those of Knott's a couple posts below.

So phew, perhaps this isn't what Knott's is getting? Or is it? It would make sense to use the same launch and first hill as it's already been perfected for the prototype - but then customize the rest. It would just really suck if Knott's added what is basically a variant of a Wild Mouse!

I'm sure someone will figure it out for sure soon.