Tuesday, March 20, 2007

MGM Grand Adventures Aerial Pics

I intended a while back to post a picture of what's currently left of the MGM Grand Adventures Theme Park via Windows Live Local. And then I forgot. And then today I remembered and went to lookin' and found that if you move in on an area in Live Local from a certain direction you can get older pictures to pop up. I've done this before (Geauga Lake, for example) but it was a nice surprise today. Here's a composite of the whole park:

You'll have to click for the larger image to see everything. While I do not have a date of the photo, it must have been pretty shortly before they bulldozed everything and started the condo/hotel towers that are there now.

Regardless, as you can see the pool area is there along with the convention center. That's not new though, those were already going up when I was there in 1997. I put some outlines of the attractions that were located where these things are currently.

The rest of the park is somewhat intact. The hardware for the river ride, coaster, sky coaster, and log flume are gone though, but that's becuse they've been trying to sell them forever. I'll let the labels speak for themselves, but you can see all sorts of the parks' details still standing.

Here's a close up show of the river rapids, Grand Canyon Rapids, just because I really liked the ride. You can easily see all the theming that was along the course. You can also see some of the footers for the coaster when it was extended over the river ride. The long section that is enclosed was filled with scenes and animation, and ended with the mine 'exploding' around you just as you left.

This one I happened to stumble across as well. It's later on, when they had cleared more than half of what was left of the park to start on the condo towers. Sad looking, if you ask me.

And here's a shot of what is there in the most recent picture. You can see that the maintenance building is still there, along with the building and facade for the Haunted Mine and the bumper cars. Oh, and the building from one of the food locations is standing. That's about all though.

In press photos for the Signature towers that have recently opened they show what was left of the park as a nice area covered in trees. I can't tell if they trashed what was left or just photo shopped the image, so I'm not sure if these last bits are still around.

Well, that's all I found. If anyone has other images or knows of more, please by all means let me know!


Anonymous said...

as of February 2008, these same buildings are still left. The food building to the left was originally a Kenny Rodgers Roasters, but later turned into an employee break room, which it was for years. I just drove by there the other day and they're all still there. Also, I get my information from someone I know who used to work there.